Heh. Alex, I Love You. ^-^

Her spaz long rants in comments make my life. Elvidge, you own. You own so much you get your own category.

HE’S MARRIED! ERIC STAAL IS MARRIED!!!!!!!! SHIIIIIIIITTT!!!! I cannot believe the absolute horror of this situation!!! Did you know that he and Jordan got arrested at his bachelor party? I was reading that and i was like wait…bachelor party? WTF!!!!!?!?!? And then i continued reading in an immense state of distress and found out that indeed, wikipedia doesn’t lie when it comes to things like picking out your new husband. Her name is Tanya VandenBroeke (really??? wat kind of a f ucktard name is that?!) and they got married two years ago, and get this…2 days before my birthday!!! Like, when i meet him, i’ll be all like: “it’s my birthday soon.” and then he’ll be like: “wow, thats cool, it’s my anniversary with my ass-face of a wife soon. nice meeting you!”. My heart is broken.

You know, these kinds of things always happen when i stray away from spezz. Seriously, remember the time with Tazer? Ummmm….yeah, don’t want that happening again. I still can’t say his name without shudderring. And now this! I finally decide that Eric Staal is definently my soul mate and it turns out he’s taken! Honestly, this is my life. I swear to god.

I always forget that spezz has a girlfriend. Wierd… i guess i don’t consider her to be much of a competition. 

I’ll never leave spezz again. Although, i did say that after the incident on SOMEONE’S 21st birthday and it didn’t really stick…

-al (she said sadly)

P.S: Sorry about your blog, it was my life too. *whimpers*

P.P.S: I got Luke Richardson autograph!!! YIPEE! Here’s the downside (actually there are two): I didn’t actually get it myself, my mom got it for me….now that i think about it i’ve never asked anyone for their autograph before, people have always gotten them for me, and by people i mean you…Second downside is that he wrote “best wishes” on it, which is the exact same thing that spezz wrote…hockey players are so unoriginal.

P.P.P.S: Jason Spezza’s b-day is on the 13th of this month! The big 26! You gotta make a photo montage for it, it’ll be your first one for this blog! YAYAYAYAY! I’m looking forward to seeing 26 bright and shiny pictures on this blog on saturday the 13th, dont dissappoint me. I’ll be counting down the days, and this time it’ll be my turn to annoy you….muahahaha! (continues laughing meniacly but doesn’t have the energy to write it down…

P.P.P.P.S: 10 days!!!!!!! 

P.P.P.P.P.S: Make an about page. Rant on and on, it’s what you do best. This page is looking too empty for my liking.

That’s it. I’m done. Oh, wait, one more thing.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S: Write about the crew. They’re my favorite. Especially TYLER MYERS (sorry i had to), you can tell him that i love him, try and freak him out, it’ll be fun. Make him feel special, i’m the only one in the world who actually knows who he is.


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