To Release Some Anger …

My old blog was deleted, and since this blog is basically my LIFE I’ve decided to take the chance and start a new one. I’m pretty worked up about all this, because my half-a-year’s worth of writing has just been deleted, but if I manage to get the old site back, I’ll make sure to tell you. My previous blog had over 5000 views in just 6 months, which is very big for me. No one’s really ever taken the time to hear what I have to say before that blog, and it made me feel important for once in my life. 

To release some stress, I’ve played the following game about 478230482937492834798 times. No joke.

It’s highly addicting and it’s a great way for Pens fans to get a semi-redemption on Ho$$a.

This blog’s gotta long way to go, but I hope it’ll work out and end up more popular than the last. 

Thanks everyone (:

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