That Was Disgusting.

Gross Pens, ew. You just blew your chance to hoist Stanley at home, congratulations. I didn’t say you blew your chance to hoist Stanley in general, because I, and everyone else rooting for you, still fully believe you’re capable of hoisting that cup this year. You want it, we want it, make it yours. In order to make it yours, you have to step it up 463 notches next game, and the next. Not only Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, you need to step it up TOGETHER. AS A TEAM. This is a TEAM, and in a team it doesn’t matter how many superstars or fourth-liners you have, you work together. This isn’t a one-man sport, this is a TEAM sport, so in order to get your fucking names on that cup, work TOGETHER, and god-dammit it’s yours. You know it. We all know it. The Redwings are a machine, built to never change it’s functions. What you have to do id break that machine down. Throw something at it that it wouldn’t expect and make it rebuild itself to turn into a different team. When you’re this deep into the playoffs, you don’t have time to completely redo your structure, which is why when you strike, you have to strike fast. What you have to do is put ALL that shit from the previous game aside and focus on what’s happening in two days. Game 6. Do or Die. Forget that Fleury let in 5 goals on 21 shots, or that you were shutout the previous game. That’s already happened, written in books, there’s nothing you can do to change it. But you can change your fate. Detroit is very good, but you guys have heart. Talent alone never lifted a Stanley Cup, it takes heart and grit as-well. You have heart, and you’ve got A LOT of it, and you’ve got the grit and talent, you’ve got motivation and fury. You’ve got all the right elements, get ready to unleash it on them in two nights. You need to be able to put everything aside from the past games and just say FUCK ‘EM, and do what you can. You have enough to win this. You can win it all. And when it comes handshake time, Ho$$a’s going to be the one feeling like a retard, not you.

Dear Max,

Mon chere, it’s superstar time. Show everyone why you’ve earned that nickname. I know it’s not just because of the car commercial. Score a few. Hell, score more than a few. Get dirty and in their faces. Time to unleash MAXIME TALBOT.



Dear Sidney,

Please, show why you’re the fucking captain. Stick it to Zetterberg next game, show him why you’re wearing the ‘C’ and he’s only wearing the ‘A’. Net a few and shut him up. We all know how bad you want this.



Dear MAF,

Put the shit-hole game behind you and listen to what Syki said. You’re good, believe it alright?



Dear Red Wings,

Fuck you. I had a really great time burning all your hockey cards on my deck last night. May you rot and burn in the fiery depths of hell.




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