Oh Sidney.

I don’t think there’s a person in this world who wanted the Stanley Cup more than Sidney Crosby. Say whatever you want about him. Yes, he whines. But he has the biggest work ethic in the NHL. He, along with Geno and Ovie, have really brought more interest to the League. He has dreamed of this moment since the day he was born. He has worked for this since the moment he was born. Even with all the shit that he’s been through in the past couple of years with the media, he has proven to have matured and handled it very well for a kid that’s only 21. Sidney Crosby deserved this Cup. I don’t think you all remember where the Penguins were before he came. It just proves how much a couple of good draft picks can make a difference in your organization. In a matter of 6 years, this team has gone from last place nobody’s to Stanley Cup champions. Take it all in, Crosby, you’ve worked your whole life for this.

sid with the cup









Oh, and, 50 bucks says either Max or Colby took this picture. I mean, who else?

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