Some EStaal News

Everyone should know that I have a certain compassion for the Staal boys. I mean, they’re basically the Sutters of the modern NHL, so you have to love them. Right now, I have some breaking news in the EStaal department. Prepare yourself, Alex. His wife, Tanya, is pregnant. That’s all I know at the moment, but I’d like to congratulate the Staals on another addition to their family. Ah, little Jordan is an up-and-coming uncle. This is huge.

8 Responses to Some EStaal News

  1. Elvidge says:

    I am crying right now. Tanya VandenBroeke! Gross name. Just…gross. Who are the Sutters?

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    You know what’s funny? My friends last name is Vanderbroeke. It’s so close, it’s scary.

    You don’t know the Sutters? There were like 6 of them and in total they had like 5 Stanley Cups.

  3. Rehanaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    She’s been pregnant foreverrrrrrrrr (=
    She’s due in September I believe .

  4. mizzmalkin says:

    I gave you Ovie news.
    He likes sex.
    He likes sex before games.
    And he likes sex after games.
    He says it ‘helps’ him.

  5. Emily says:

    they named their baby carter

  6. Elvidge says:

    Well done. We didn’t know that.

  7. Elvidge says:

    Wait, what?
    Who’s blog are you reading?
    Parker. Parker Lucas.
    Who the fuck is Carter?

  8. mizzmalkin says:

    It’s okay, Alex.
    Yes, the baby’s name is Parker.

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