Oh Patrick.

I know you know. Everyone knows by now. Everyone knows that Patrick Kane is the Chris Brown of the NHL, except he didn’t have a famous girlfriend to beat up, so he chose his Cabbie. Now most people are going to start calling him a cheap bastard, I wont. I love him all too much to do that. Yeah, he punched the guy, and it was wrong. Yeah, he took his money back, and that was wrong too. But he did all this because he was WASTED out of his mind. And yeah, you guessed it, that was wrong also. But it’s not like if he was sober he’d attack the guy over $1.20. I’m pretty sure he’s better than that. Just the day before he was talking about donating to building a rink in the Southern Buffalo area. That’s kindness there. Pat isn’t going to deserve half the slack he’s going to get for all this. He’s a hockey player. And getting wasted is what hockey players do. It’s what they’ve always been doing. So give the kid a break, he’s still learning. And there’s no possible way that the Cabbie could’ve been fully assaulted by someone who weighs like 90 pounds.

Dear Pkane,

I still love you.



One Response to Oh Patrick.

  1. Mike says:

    Has Kane learned anything from his run-in with the law and his disorderly conduct charge? I doubt it. I just watched his Stanley Cup parade rally speech and he made a joke about “still loving the cab drivers”. He’s young and inexperienced but you would expect him to have learned to walk the line after nearly self destructing his career. He’s definitely a great player but he’s not a good ambassador for the Blackhawks.

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