So, I’ve Been Talking About Patrick Kane A Lot Lately…

patpatAnd I’m sorry about it. But there’s just so much to talk about from my favorite Blackhawk and I normally don’t have the chance to in the regular season because I’m too busy beating up my Sens/praising the Pens.

You know what I honestly think is going to happen? Patrick Kane to Buffalo by the end of next season. Because, in all honestly, even if Patrick Kane is proven “innocent”, he’s still going to have a bad reputation about it all. And I’m sure the Hawks organization doesn’t want someone who represents their team to have such a bad rep. With having to resign Tazer and Dunc next season, I think it’ll be the perfect excuse for them to let Patrick go. And everyone knows that he’ll go to Buffalo at some point in his career. He was is the hometown hero.I don’t want this to happen, I think he’s a talented kid who made one mistake and needs time to learn from it and mature. Getting rid of Patrick Kane could be one of the worst mistakes Chicago could ever make. He’s a superstar, and you don’t let those slip away because of one mistake he made when he was wasted with family during the off-season.

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