Patrick Kane’s trial was today. And I’m currently sitting on my couch, writing this in an skeptical, jumpy mood. Every time TSN says Patrick Kane, I jump out of my seat. I’m antsy. I’m nervous. I’m goddamned worried. I know, however, that Partick Kane is going to walk away from this trial innocent. Let’s face it. We’re never going to know whether or not he actually did anything. That’s not information that he’s going to give away to the public. Sure, he can release all the statements that he wants saying that he’s done nothing wrong and that he was confused about why he was in this position in the first place, but we all know that maybe that’s not the full truth. He has a good lawyer, and his lawyer is going to do everything it takes to get people to believe that he’s innocent, whether its I don’t know, bribing JR’s lawyer into saying that the truth was stretched by the media, or stating that Kane was merely a witness in his cousin’s felony. Patrick Kane has money. And money buys you a good lawyer. And good lawyers can get you out of just about anything. But I’m still sitting here waiting in anticipation for any news, because anything can happen. Team Patrick.

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