Marian Hossa: Cougar.

Am I the only one who finds this ridiculously amusing? I always knew Marian Hossa was a pervert. Some sort of pedophile cougar. And I do believe you can use the term ‘cougar’ for a 30 something year old man who decided to go to Chicago because the Blackhawks are hot and young

Dear Hossa,
Can’t you molest the Flyers or something?
Leave my Blackhawks alone!

2 Responses to Marian Hossa: Cougar.

  1. elvidge says:

    BAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!! Again!!!!!!

    Really, I actually laughed out loud when I read that.

    Patty Kane looks soooo sad in all his interviews when he talks about the “unfourtunate accident”, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Like, he’s so freaking adorable and young-looking. I love him.

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    Well, I’m concerned for the hotness that is Jonathan Toews.
    And Patrick Kane.
    And Patrick Sharp.
    And even Adam Burish.
    I have a feeling they’ll all be raped by Hossa.

    OMG. I KNOW. When I saw the pictures from his public apology, it took everything I had in myself to NOT draw angel wings & a halo on his picture.
    Fucking Kane.
    Messing with my heart.
    I love him too.

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