Here We Go, Senators.

Another season, another chance to start all over again for the Ottawa Senators. The last one was a huge disappointment, there’s no doubt in that. But that doesn’t mean that the team is doomed forever. No one is doomed forever.  Even when you hit rock bottom, things somehow manage to turn them selves around, and you feel yourself rising. 

Last season, the Senators hit rock bottom. 

At one point, they were the last place team in the division. Worse than the Leafs. I couldn’t handle it.

But then, hope was brought to the franchise. Legitimate hope. A fresh young new face, with new strategies that were seeming to work. By the end of the year everything was clicking. The Senators went on a 9-1 streak, putting them in extreme odds for a playoff spot. We knew it wasn’t going to happen. Things were looking up though. At the end of the season, I was proud of the Senators. I am proud of the Senators. So Dany Heatley decided he didn’t like it here. So what? Fuck him. It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all in the past. Right now, I’m focusing on the present, and the future. The future that I truly believe holds potential to bring the Stanley Cup, which was made in Ottawa, back home. 

This may seem insane. But that’s who I am. I’m optimistic at most. And I believe that this is possible. At the end of this season, I want to see Nick Foligno and Ryan Shannon and all the underdogs on my hometeam, celebrating victory. Being victorious. Alfredsson carried this team all the way to the finals three years ago. We’re the same core team. We can do it again. So here’s to another season, the ups and downs it will bring, the heartbreaks and triumphs there will be, the rivalries and the bonds that will be made between teammates. Here’s to the Ottawa Senators. Good luck boys, I’m behind you all the way.


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