Friday Mash-Up: Summer Edition

For the first edition of Friday Mash-Up, I’m gonna let you all in on the soundtrack of certain hockey players over the course of their summer.

Max Talbot partied to this with the Stanley Cup and a few hookers. All summer long. Maxime knows how to live:

Kris LeTang moped to this  while stroking his luscious, silky hair and drinking Jack Daniels Scorpian Whiskey out of the Cup:

Alex Ovechkin was sitting in his pile of cash in Russia thinking about his life, and listening to this classic about his life:

Evgeni Malkin was hooking up with that horrid Russian pornstar-esque girlfriend of his while jamming to his tune:

This was Jason Spezza’s song all summer. I especially love the ‘and divorced’ part:

Here’s his wife’s, Jennifer Snell, theme song, just in case you need to know:

Kay, I think I’m done for this week.


4 Responses to Friday Mash-Up: Summer Edition

  1. Elvidge says:

    Did you put that Ovechkin one up there just for me? Cuz that was mean. It made me feel sad. But I don’t really care all that much anymore after I saw the Spezz and Smelly Snelly ones. Those were good, yo. See? I’m going with the rap gangsta thing too. That is wack. Off the chain, Gee. Sup. Yo.

    I laughed at the Geno one. Like, THE funniest thing of life. And by the wayyyyy, if you don’t put a Baby Canada Beauty Pageant up there soon, I’ll just have to make one myself. And then you’ll be sorry.

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    I put the Ovechkin one up there for the sake of the public. LOOSER ALERTT.
    I think you + gangsta = mahjah LOLZ. Keep it up, yo.

    And YES! That song single handedly got me through my hockey withdrawal this summer. Geno Geno, always the same ❤

    Beauty Pageant is aaaalmost finished. Just gotta sit down and finish one of these days. 🙂

  3. Elvidge says:


  4. mizzmalkin says:

    And I miss Colby tooooo </3

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