Okay, Uh, What?

I think I speak for everybody who watched the Ottawa/Nashville game like night when I say: WTF?

That was most definitely the most bizarre Sens game of the season. The Sens were off to a bad start early in the first period when Picard deflected a Suter shot only 5 minutes into the first period, giving Nashville an early 1-0 lead. Picard went on to get a hattrick for Nashville — OH WAIT! HE PLAYS FOR OTTAWA! LOLOLOL, I COULDN’T TELL CAUSE HE SCORED SOO MANY GOALS FOR THE PREDS. But really, no offense, Alex. I really do like you. Just an off-night I suppose.

End of first: 3-0 Nashville. Fuck-a-doodle-doo, right?

Nothing really happens in the second period except for a smorgasbord of questionable penalties. McCreary wants BEEF from me. Or just for me to book him an optometrical appointment.

Kayso, third period.

Chris Campoli decided, “Heh, why not try and score? Like, we’re losing to Nashville, we got nothing to lose”

92293973, NHLI via Getty Images /National Hockey League

Score. 3-1

Shortly after that, Nicky Foligno was all like “WHAA?! CHRIS SCORED?! AWH, MAN. NOW, I NEED A GOAL.”

92293981, NHLI via Getty Images /National Hockey League

Cha-chiiing. 3-2

Momentum is building. Milan Michalek’s all like “LOLZ, I LIKE SCORE GOALZ. CUZ I’M FLYYY LIKE TAT.”

92293965, NHLI via Getty Images /National Hockey League

Dany who? 3-3

Then, the Hockey Gods decide to put this thing called Shea Weber on full blast right after our power session. Meh.

92293444, Getty Images /Getty Images Sport

Betch. 4-3

Have no fear, ridic Jason Spezza passes and Anton Volchenkov were there to save the day.

85805614, NHLI via Getty Images /National Hockey League

I love it when Volchie scores. 4-4

Next up: That Suter guy scores again. Not in the mood to show is face on here. 5-4. Everyone’s leaving, 1.6 seconds left, and whaaa? CHRIS PHILLIPS SCORES. LIKE WTF?! When was the last game that Anton Volchenkov AND Chris Phillips scored?! Yeaaahh. Never. Anyways, buildings going batshit crazy.

92239676, NHLI via Getty Images /National Hockey League

Like a boss. 5-5

Overtime: heartbreak city.

A bunch of penalties are called, 4-3 and then whatshisface scores to end like WTF-fest at the Scotiabank place.

To sum up the game in a few words: Most confusing 2 and 1/2 hours of my life.

Go Sens Go!


2 Responses to Okay, Uh, What?

  1. Elvidge says:

    Dude, about time you posted. I was getting worried. And BEE TEE DUB; what’s with this new gangsta thing you got going? All these Yo’s and Gee’s are making me cranky. I yell at the tv when I get cranky, you should know that.

    Ummm, a confession. The Sens/Preds game last night…I was cheering like shit for my home. It’s not really something I had planned, everything was normal for the first two periods. Yeah, the third period starts, I leave the room for two seconds to go to the washroom, and when I come back, BAM! Tie game. I was like WTF?! That’s not even when the change in me began. I all began at that fourth goal. Dude, I yelled out in anguish. In ANGUISH! I was like: “NOOOOOOO WAYYY MAN!” and then my sis was all like “Dude, I thought you hated the sens???” and I gave her this look, and I didn’t need to say anything. The look said it all. The look, honey, told her to fuck off and leave me alone with my mixed hormones. Yeah, I know. I tend to swear a lot when I’m confused. You should know that too šŸ˜‰

    Anywayyys, that’s when it all began. That’s when I first sat down with my eyes glued to the full length screen. I usually keep my eyes to the upper portion, cuz that’s where Spezzzy usually stays, but last night man, they were all over the godamn thing. FFF. Yeah, when the Sens tied it up I was like “YES. SHIT!” But that goal was oh-so-pretty. Spezz, deaking, deaking, deaking, pulls the goalie fully right out of his own goddamn crease and passes right out in front of the open net. Oh, Jason, the way you play makes me love you even though you broke my heart. Anyway, then Nashville went ahead again and I was like “GODDAMNIT HOCKEY GODS!!!!!” And then, ommmmggggg, and then. The goal. THE GOAL. THHHHEE FUCKING GOAL OF THE FUCKING SENS CAREER. THE SENS CORPORATION HAD NEVER SEEN A GOAL LIKE THAT. NEVER, EVEN WHEN THEY WON THE STANLEY CUP IN LIKE 1927 OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT. DUDE, THAT GOAL MADE ME JUMP UP AND YELL. I LITTERALLY JUMPED TEN FEAT IN THE AIR, AND BEFORE I EVEN HIT THE GROUND I WAS BELOWIN’. “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” THAT IS WHAT I WAS SAYING. Wow. Cannot belive this. You always told me the time would come, but I didn’t believe it. You were right. I’m sorry. Big hug.

    After that last sens goal, I never saw Jay smile so big in my life. I was like, “Awwww, look at Spezz’s smile!!! He’s so cuuuuuuute!” And you know what my sister said then? She said this, and I’m not even joking you right now. She said, “Yeah, he’s been so much happier ever since he got married.” OH EM GEE, right? Fuck her, she don’t know what she’s sayin’. She crazy. CRAZY BITCH WHO THINKS SPEZZA’S MARRIAGE WAS A GOOD IDEA. I hate her. I really do. I don’t actually though. It’s like when I say I hate Spezz. I don’t really. I love Spezz. Him and his fucked up life.

    Uh-huh, yeah. So there’s my story for you. Sorry it took so long to write, I was even gonna text you all this after the game but then I was like, fuck it, I’m a shit-ass texter. So I came here. And I saw your post. And I was happy. So I decided to ruin your day by giving you this crapload of shit to read. You’re welcome. I love you.

    AL šŸ™‚ <—– I would have made a confused smiley face but I don't know how.

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    Here’s what I got out of that:
    Alex Elvidge is a Sens fan. Whether she likes it or not.
    Also, her sister is extremely confused. Spezza + marriage = </3

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