Bad Romance

Guess who I love? It isn’t pretty. It’s actually like loving the enemy. But a while ago, I realized, that a certain boy in blue, with big baby blue eyes, just a mere four hour drive away has stolen my heart. This is a bad thing. Senators fans aren’t supposed to love Luke Schenn. But with a face like that, and a smile so wide, how could you not?  OH THIS IS WRONG. THIS IS SO SO SO WRONG.

I want you. THIS IS WRONG.

4 Responses to Bad Romance

  1. Micaela :) says:

    Whatta HOTTIE!!!!!! 🙂
    don’t worry — i’m sure sens fans won’t hate you– that much :p

    well at least some of the female population won’t :p
    and the gay guys 🙂 LOVE THEM ❤

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    no kidding. right 😉

  3. Elvidge says:

    He has…green eyes. Doesn’t he? Aw, hell, it doesn’t matter, they’re nothing compared to Ovie’s eyes anyway.

  4. mizzmalkin says:

    No ma’am. He has got the most intennnnnse blue eyes.
    Pierce your soul Jordan Staal style.

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