What Christmas Means To Me

I think it’s safe to say that this is the best music video I have seen in my entire life. Cut out the horrible singing and bad dance moves with the cheesy Christmas music in the back ground, and you’ve got one LOLtastic video. Best part? Jonathan Toews camo at 2:16. He raises his eyebrows and is all like “Oh yeah, this is my big break. I’m in Alyonka Larionov’s music video, betch.”

My question is, how did Alyonka and her sister actually manage to convince all these boys to hold up signs and smile for the camera? Like, really? Maybe they had nothing else better to do. Or, it’s quite possible that Alyonka and Diana promised to sleep with everyone that held up a sign. I would.

Oh, and Geno’s cat? Cutest thing ever. It’s funny, I never really took him as a cat person. Must be the entire Russian thing.

3 Responses to What Christmas Means To Me

  1. Roxy says:

    Max Talbot is my life.
    My boyfriend is a faggooot.
    Alex Ovechkin can go choke on a whore.
    Alyonka and her cheesy music video are the loves of my life.

    • mizzmalkin says:

      I agree.
      Max Talbot is life.
      Your boyfriend is a faggot.
      Alex Ovechkin can go choke on a whore.
      and Alyonka is the love of my life ❤

  2. Elvidge says:

    Oh dear.

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