This Is What You Do With The Big Bucks

Jonathan Toews recently signed a five year contract extension with the Blackhawks giving him tons of extra cash to spend on a new condo in downtown Chicago. A new condo that has already been invaded by the Chicago Tribune, much to my pleasure.

8 Responses to This Is What You Do With The Big Bucks

  1. Roxy says:

    His parents are beyond adorable.

  2. Elvidge says:

    He looks good when he plays ping-pong. And that condo is fucking intense.

  3. mizzmalkin says:

    He looks good all the time. All the time.
    And I agree, intense condo aleeerrrt.

  4. Mariee. says:

    Where did you find these! Oh my God, so freaking cute.

  5. callie says:


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  7. Jess Chapman says:

    Beauty. And the apartment looks nice, too. (Can we please comment on Mama Toews’s style? Few women can successfully pull off a yellow scarf. She’s got it goin’ on, she really does.)

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