I Find This Out Now.

The lovely wife of everybody’s favorite ex-Penguin, Colby Armstrong, Melissa, is expecting their first child in June of next year! Also, apparently, Siddo didn’t show up to their wedding. Cause he was too busy being a Stanley Cup Champion to possibly show up to his best friends wedding. Dick move, Cappy.

Congrats Colby!!!

2 Responses to I Find This Out Now.

  1. Elvidge says:

    UM. WOW. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST PERSONABLE AND HILARIOUS CHILD ALIVE. I wonder what they’ll name him. Maybe they’ll merge their names. Molby. Celissa. Melby. Haha, Melby. Colby would so name his kid Melby. You know what I would do? First baby he has, boy, girl, I don’t care, whatever comes out, he’s naming it Rrrrr. It’s feminin but strong, you know?

    Alright, you caught me. I stole that from Dane Cook. But you have to admit, it’s a kick-ass name. Dane Cook is GENIUS.

    I would cry my eyes out if Colby named his kid after Sid.

    “Dude, you didn’t show up at my wedding, so this is your guilt. You have to live with the guilt every day of your life now. I named my kid after you, and you didn’t even have the decency to show up at my fucking wedding. We were room-mates, man. Room-mates.”

  2. mizzmalkin says:

    You don’t even know how ridiculously excited I am for this child to be born. I do think that they should name it Sid. Just so he’ll feel guilty.
    Fcking idioooot. When you get invited to your best friend’s wedding, you show up. It’s what you do, champ.

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