Bring It.

Everyone knows what’s going down tonight. The guys in my school fully decked out in jerseys and flags know what’s going down. I know what’s going down tonight, wearing my lucky Canada sweater I got for Christmas which is 5-0. Even the people who don’t follow hockey know what’s going down tonight. So grab your friends, you beer and your jersey. Bring your hope and faith and pride. Because, tonight, Canada’s going to make it 6 in a row. Not without a fight, but they’ll do it. We’re better. We have everything it takes to win this game. We may have just barely made it out of the last game vs the US alive, but we know what they’re like now, and we know what to expect. Don’t even try to tell me that we’re losing tonight. We’re not. That gold medal already has Team Canada’s name on it. We’re showing up to claim it. Canada USA. Tonight. Canada wins, tonight. USA sees a silver medal around their necks, and a gold one around Canada’s. Tonight, Jordan Eberle get’s another chance to be Mr. Canada again. Tonight, I have faith. Let’s do this.

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