Hockey has been a passion of mine all my life, it’s just something that has stuck with me and is one of the most important things in my life. Hockey to me isn’t about the big names who everyone can identify. To me, hockey is more about the names the average fan would scratch their head at. It’s about the Max Talbots and the Stefan Legeins of the game. The guys who worked and clawed their way to the league running into a few bumps and potholes on the way. Hockey is about heart and passion, and having a feel for the game. Hockey is about the game, the boys, the work and the effort you put into everything. Hockey is about coming together as a team and playing the game everyone grew up with. Hockey is about dropping the gloves against a guy who is two feet taller than you, all because he fucked with a teammate. Hockey is a frozen pond on a Sunday night, waking up at 4 am to get to the rink. Hockey is early morning coffee runs and road trips. Hockey is a unity of people who all have something in common: they all love the game. Whether you play or not, if hockey is a part of your life, it becomes almost everything to you. Hockey is those dying seconds in the Stanley Cup finals when your heart skips a few beats because are realizing that all your dreams are coming true. Hockey is the games you didn’t win, the ones that caused tearshed. Hockey is at home with your friends, a cold beer, and a few boxes of pizza. Hockey is everything important to me, what about you? What’s hockey to you?

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  1. Elvidge says:

    Yay! I have a post! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D<3<3<3<3

    Damnit, talk about the crew! And the guestlist, that's a good one. Do a juniors team canada 2009 thing like you did with the sens on ur very first post of underdog obsessed #1. A beauty contest. I'll be waiting.


  2. Elvidge says:

    Did you see in the geno video when he just got pushed like back and forth between Maxy and that other guy? That was soooo funny. He was so clueless at first, he was like, “What did I say? WHy are they laughing at me?”. !!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t know they called Sergei ‘Gonch’. That sounds really macho…I’m gonna name my kid Gonch. It sound kinda like The Hulk. The Gonch. “Hey, Gonch, come here for a sec…” Hmmm…wierd.


    love al ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. mizzmalkin says:

    Of COURSE you have a post ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You’re that special.


    Hmmm. Baby Canada Beauty Pageant.

    I like it.
    Who should go #1 though?

  4. mizzmalkin says:

    LMAO !

    Yes, I saw that. My poor Geno, still doesn’t know what ‘Fuck Off’ means.

    GONCH IS A MANLY NAME! But … I don't think I'm going to name my kid that =P

  5. ELVIDGE says:

    Tyler Myers *AHEM, COUGH, COUGH.* Or maybe Hickey, he’s kinda good. Alex Pietrangelo is definently up there, along with Keith Aulie, Stefan Della Rovere (W-O-W), and by the way have you seen Cody Goloubef??? DAMN!!! I don’t really like Zach Boychuk though, kinda strange-looking… Jamie Benn’s ok when he’s not actually posing for a picture. I like Patrice Cormier also. Chew on that a little, I know I didn’t give you much help… ๐Ÿ˜€ Dana Tyrell if fucking adorkable! Gosh, I wish I’d seen him play, he was out for injury. He’s definently not hot though, most definently.


    P.S: John Tavares isn’t completely unfourtunate… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. mizzmalkin says:

    Did you HONESTLY put Myers as #1.

    God, Alex, NO.


    Zach Boychuk is adorable!

    But I agree, Stefan Della Rovere = W O W =)

    I'm working on that post now, should be up in a couple days time.

  7. ELVIDGE says:

    A couple days time!!?!!!!?!!?? Geeeez woman, work faster!

    Farrah just told me that Maxy looks like a mountain goat! Can you believe it?? I gave her a good talking-to though, you don’t have to worry about it. He should really shave his hobo beard, though.

    The TYLER MYERS**** thing was a joke. Patrice Cormier is definently my favorite.

  8. mizzmalkin says:


    I really gotta think about these thing!

    It takes a while! =P

    lmao, now that you mention it, he does kinda look like a mountain goat with that beard. And a hobo. And … many other things. I still love him though. Even though he’s … exceptional at hockey and isn’t the best-looking guy, his personality gets him bonus points.

    Oh, thank god. I thought you were serious.
    Corms is … very gorgeous.

  9. ELVIDGE says:

    I always knew Heatly was a douchebag. To make matters worse, I even told you a couple times, but did you ever listen? NO. Now look who’s a quitter? You should have seen it coming, I mean what kind of a team player just stands COMPLETELY still all game long (and I mean no foot movement whatsoever) and then scores a hat-trick? I dunno how he does it, but those are the signs of a major ass-monkey. Trust me. I said the same thing about Spezz a while back and then look who almost got traded? Luckily, JayJay (my new name, just thought of it now) smartened up a bit, and kicked major foreign booty in the Worlds.

    Johnny Toews speaking french kind of makes me hate him a little bit. Just a little. He sounds like…like…RACINE. ewwy! And he’s all like, “Jambes de grenouille, merci Monsieur, tres delicieux, merci. Aurevoir.” Douche face francophone. Yeah, thats right. I just called Tazer a douche face francophone. Deal with it.

    -al with love and stuff

    P.S: Going to game 7 baby! WHOOT WHOOT!!!! Thank you Jordan Staal. Eric, I miss you. Your wife is a slut. If it weren’t for her you wouldn’t have a record. Your little brother has done time, thanks to you! You have such bad taste!

  10. ELVIDGE says:

    P.P.S (from last message): I’ve decided that Gonch is a too manly name for my kid. It’s also a hard name to live up to. I’ve decided that if I have a boy, his name shall be Marc-Andre. If I have a girl, she shall be Geno. I think that’s an awesome name for a girl. She’d kick ass. She’d be like the schoolyard bully who beat up the geeky kid named Marc-Andre.

  11. mizzmalkin says:

    OH GOD.

    That made me laugh SO HARD, it deserves it’s own post.


  12. […] on June 8, 2009 atย 9:31 pmย ยทย Edit […]

  13. ELVIDGE says:

    yay im famous

  14. ELVIDGE says:

    I think the people who read underdog obsessed should know about Tyler. They’d be very happy to learn that he’s staying in your house right now and that you wear Jordan Eberle’s shorts to gym class. You are a famous person’s cousin, take advantage of it. If I were Tyler’s cousin I wouldn’t waste a second telling the whole damn world. Now, you can. Do it. And tell him I say hi and tell him who I am, because if you don’t he’ll just think I’m this random stalker person who’s obsessed with him. ……don’t answer that.

    Hugs and stuff,

    P.S. Did you notice how I said Tyler instead of Tyler Myers? I’m growing as a person! Yay! Cept, saying Tyler Myers is like saying Adam Burish. The Tyler can’t go without the Myers, just like the Adam can’t go without the Burish. Enough said.

  15. ELVIDGE says:

    The word ‘Burish’ is kind of starting to sound like some sort of Indian burrito. It’s losing it’s charm.

  16. ELVIDGE says:

    I’m still waiting on that Beauty Pageant. Tic tic tic.

  17. mizzmalkin says:


    AHAHA !

    Al, your comments make me die from laughter.

    But why do you comment on the About page and not on the actual posts?



    working on that beauty pageant =P

  18. Elvidge says:

    Okay, I’m so sorry, I like commenting on the about page. It’s easier. Live with it, I’m not gonna change. K, I googled Jen Snell and look what pick I found : http://media.canada.com/gallery/hotty/ht_1.jpg

    Spezz actually looks completely and utterly adorable in that pic. Which makes me gag. She’s ugly. And really blond. He can do better. So much better. By the way, Pens won the cup. Yay.


  19. Elvidge says:

    That was beautiful Gabby. So damn beautiful.

    • mizzmalkin says:

      See Alex. If it had been any other day I wouldn’t had known what you were talking about because you’re commenting on my about page. But, because it’s today, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about.


      Comment on. the. posts. Alex. ON. THE. POSTS.


  20. Elvidge says:


    I can’t, it’s too hard! I’m not good with change! Oh, by the by, I made a blog. Hehe. Check it out.


    -love al

  21. Elvidge says:

    Oh em gee. Write something, please. Notice my illiterate usage of the form ‘OMG’. What about that beauty pageant? Hows that coming along? C’mon, it’s been like a month since I gave you that idea and I was really excited. Also, I am dying without hockey. DYING, GABBY, DYING! Life without hockey to watch or read about is like an endless black hole. I was in the prime of lime before. You know what I did all day today? Watched baseball, rugby and soccer. SOCCER. Really? REALLY???? NO! I don’t do that! A hockeyless TSN is ruining my life. Oh, and, I just remembered that I forgot to tell you about Jason Spezza’s birthday on the 13th. Wow, I haven’t used his full name in a really long time. I wonder what his FIANCE got him as a present. I mean seriously, what do get a man who makes over 8 million dollars per year? You know what, I bet she didn’t get him anything. That bitch. What kind of a hoar doesn’t get her potential husband a birthday present? And has the last name ‘Snell’? Like, it’s not even a word. It’s kind of a mix between smell and snail. God. What the hell does he see in her?

    Okay, really, this is getting out of hand. Write something. I’m losing my mind.

    Love al, she said sadly.

  22. Elvidge says:

    I bet I know what happened. WordPress deleted your blog again, didn’t they? Those douches. Switch to blogspot. They’re awesome. I haven’t quite figured out how to make an about page yet, though. E-mail me if you get a new blog, Kay? Actually, if this blog has already been deleted, you won’t even recieve this message. Yet, I continue to write. WOW. I am really going crazy.

    -LOVE AL (i don’t really know what the caps lock signifies.)

    P.S. There’s a video on youtube with an interview with Adam Burish (if you’ve looked at my blog yet you’d know which one), and it’s really funny, I love him to death. Look up ‘Adam Burish doesn’t know who Sidney Crosby is’ or something. You’ll laugh until your guts fall out, I guarantee it.

  23. mizzmalkin says:

    LOL I wasn’t deleted I’ve been busy =)

    I’m taking off for Pittsburgh in an hour so I’ll talk to you then!

  24. Elvidge says:

    I can’t believe you can still find things to complain about once you’ve hung out with GENO. God. I would give anything to hang out with the pens. I really think you should take me with you next time. I’m sure Roxanne and I will hit it off :D.

    love al <3<3<3


  25. MizzMalkin says:

    God, I want to be a Staal brother.
    So bad.

  26. Elvidge says:

    Can you send me the links for the stories about Tazer and Flower and people? Thank yoooou.

  27. Elvidge says:

    Jason Spezza is not a douche! Snell makes him happy, and if a puck bunny bitch-whore is the kind of woman to make him happy, then I realize I have never had a shot in hell of marrying him. He’s not a douche, he’s just stupid. A bet she started off as a one night stand. You aren’t supposed to marry your one night stands, buddy! ONE NIGHT STAND! The phrase in itself is pretty self-explanatory. But, I can’t really blame him; he never did finish high school. I used to think it was the coolest thing in the world that he was the fourth ever 16 year old to make team canada juniors, but now I realize that that in itself is one of his only flaws. The fact that he didn’t finish school to go play hockey makes him an idiot; so no offense Spez, but you’re rather dumb. My theory? If he had finished high school and maybe even gone off to university before the NHL like the Habs’ first round draft pick did, he wouldn’t be playing for Ottawa and he’d be marrying me instead of that shit-bag piece of trash.

  28. mizzmalkin says:


    My theory?
    He was forced into this marriage my Brian Murray. Because Brian Murray is a douche bag with no morals. He’s an idiot who forced Spez into moving in with that skank, causing Spez to be pressured into a marriage he doesn’t want to be in. I bet she proposed to him, and he felt bad for her so he said yes.

  29. Elvidge says:

    Haha! I think they’re both pretty valid theories.

    PREGNANT!!! Dude! No way! This sucks sooooooo bad. Awww, man, when I thought about them being married, I knew they were like ‘in love’ or something, but I never even thought about them having sex! EWWWWY! Bad mental image…gag! Aww, but now that I think about it, it’s really cute. I’m kind of happy for them. I’m gonna write one of those fan fiction stories you were talking about, and it’s gonna be all about their baby when he grows up. I shall call it : ‘Staal: The Next Generation’. Yes! I’ll make millions. Oh, and by the by, I’m automatically assuming it’s gonna be a boy. Ohhhhh! I’m so happy for them! Yay Eric! Yay uncles Jordy, Marc and Jared!

    You know what else makes me really happy to think about? Sidney Crosby getting married. I dunno why, whenever I think about any other players I like getting married I get really angry, but with him it’s different. Maybe it’s because I know he’s so focused on hockey that I know he’d think really hard and long before he popped the question. He’d chose the right kind of woman, unlike SOMEONE WE KNOW. I’m sure you can guesss who that someone is. I really hope they didn’t go on a honey moon. You know what people do on honeymoons? Yeah, that’s right. Eric might not be the only famous father by the time the season starts if you know wat I mean. OH, ew! Grossssssssss! Grosser than seeing spez and snell kisss! Ewwwwy!

    Love Al

  30. mizzmalkin says:

    We should build a time wrap bat shit crazy thing and put Tanya’s child in it, fast forward like 20 years on that kid and put him in the NHL to play with his Dad. Now how awesome would that be? Father and Son playing in the national hockey league together. Wow. Madness.

    You know what? It’s Sidney’s birthday tomorrow, and I really hope he decides to ditch Cole Harbour and go off to Vegas, get wasted, then get married and impregnant some girl. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. I’m even considering buying him a plane ticket. Like dude, just get married already. Watch him end up marrying Roxy. That would be hilarious, actually, because she doesn’t even like him. Mhm. Too funny.

  31. Elvidge says:

    I actually laughed out loud when I read that. My mom then came in to my room and called me crazy for laughing at a computer screen. It was epic.

    Is Roxy still with Tazer? Have you talked to her since Sids party? Did she tell you it was the awesomest thing in the whole wide world? Did he dance like an old man? Was that Maxy I saw in the video on the plane? I wasn’t sure, he had a helmet on. I really really really want Sid to get married! It’s making me die inside. I don’t even want her to be ugly. Well, maybe a little. To show that he still prefers personality over beauty. I bet she’ll be really dull. Dull, boring, ugly…the opposite of Colby. Yeah, that’s who he’ll marry, and I’ll be happy.

    Oh and by the by, I didn’t hear anything about Patty punching a cabbie. Dude, that would have been sooooooo hilarious to see. I would pay big money to see that youtube video. BIG MONEY.

    • mizzmalkin says:

      Roxy is still happily married dating Johnny. Goddammit you two, just get married already so we can crash the reception and fill ourselves with illegal substances (for minors at least) and hook up with your teammates. Seriously, that would be the most beautiful wedding ever. Bar none. It would be filled with Roxy’s gorgeous friends and Tazer’s hot teammates. Thing of beauty.

      Yeah. I talked to her this morning. Sounds like she had a pretty wicked time in Nova Scotia. You’ll never guess why she left a day early. She got a call. From Pat. Asking her to fly down to Buffalo to BAIL HIM OUT OF JAIL. Wtf. And she did. Because she’s just that much of a good friend.

      Apparently Sid’s birthday was the shit. She said that his dancing skills need serious improvement. She says his case is very bad. Maxime WAS the man you saw in the helicopter. Whatta pimp. He just goes everywhere uninvited. WHAT. A. GUY.

      God, no. Sid needs to MARRY A COLBY. Frig, she can be ugly as hell, but has to have a sense of humor. That boy needs to laugh more.

      YEAH. It would’ve been HILARIOUS if he didn’t end up in JAIL. Fucking Kane. I love you too much to be mad at you. You look like a child. Who can stay mad at a child?

  32. Elvidge says:

    THAT’S WHY HE GOT OUT OF JAIL???? I read in the newspaper this morning that he was in jail but then left somehow…they didn’t say why. Well, now I know. Good job, Roxy.

    Remember how you told me that Adam Burish asked out your friend at Roxy’s b-day party? How’s that going? Probably over already, no doubt. He realized that she just wasn’t his soul-mate and dumped her after one date. Yeah, that’s what happened. You know why? Be cause I’M his soul-mate. Yeah. I consider myself to soul-mates of many athletic individuals.

    Speaking of my various soul-mates, do you know if Jordy is single? I remember hearing once that he had a girlfriend…some chick named Heather…is that still on? If not, I would like to get the opportunity to pounce and mend his broken heart.

    I am mad at many children at the moment:

    Child #1: Tyler Myers. Dude, where are you? Found your home yet? Seriously, I know nothing of your whereabouts and I’m sad. Sad because you promised to keep in touch but you didn’t. Sad because I never actually got the chance to meet you in person and I just lied. See what you do to me, Tyler Myers? You make me LIE.

    Child #2: Sid. You are 22 years of age man, it’s about time you settled down! You got a good thing going for you, so don’t mess it up by being known no longer as ‘The Next One’, but as ‘The Lonely One’. Because that is what you’ll become if you don’t find yourself a nice lady to love. Trust me. Look at OV! He says sex is good, very good, before and after games. And look at him…people are becoming traitors and going over to his side instead of yours! Find a woman Sid, and fast, before everything you’ve worked for goes down the excrutiatingly long drain this is the NHL.

    Child #3: The Staal brothers. Yes, all of you. You’re all very nice-looking. I keep switching between my favorite brother; you’re making it very hard to keep myself faithful. It began with Eric, and even when I found out he was married I still stayed true. Until…when, I know this is kind of mean but…until Jordan won the Stanley Cup. I know, I know. But just look at him! He’s got the jaw of a GREEK GOD. Yeah. So I think I’m still with Jordan at the moment, but little Jared is beginning to catch my eye. He’s rather cute, don’t you find? Especially when he’s got that little bit of ginger stubble on his chin…yummm. I don’t think I’ve fallen for Marc yet. What can I say? Your brothers outshine you.

  33. mizzmalkin says:

    Yeah, well. If Roxy hadn’t shown up, he probably would’ve just walked out like a pimp. That would be sooo like him.

    Ahahaha, no, it wasn’t Adam Burish. It was Max Talbot. And yeah, I’m pretty sure they went on one date and that was it. But I haven’t really checked up on them so she’s probably engaged to him and pregnant with his child. Because that’s what Max does.

    Ahh, yes Jord. He is still very much with Heather. But you know, all hockey players cheat. And I got that information FROM A HOCKEY PLAYER. So you know it’s legit. Heather’s nice though. She’s NOT blonde and NOT a bitch. Score, Jordan, major score.

    Child #1: Tyler Myers.
    I have no clue where that child is. Last I heard he was in Saskatoon for the WJ camp. Then he fell off the face of the earth. Didn’t even bother to say goodbye. Ass hole. And by the way, this kid HAS NO HOME.

    Child #2: Siddo.
    Amen, Alex. All you need is a little sex therapy, Sid. Just like Ovie. So find yourself an ugly cow replica of Colby and marry her already. Because no one wants you marrying somebody hot. That would be too much. Go boy, go.

    Child #3: Staal bros.
    Why. Must. You. All. Be. So. Hot?!?!?!???
    My favorite is, and always will be, JayStaal. I love him. He has steel/third jersey/icy blue eyes that will pierce into your soul. And a jaw line that makes you swoon almost as much as Letang’s Sex Hair. And Jared is the sweetest. Ever. He’s definitely my runner up Staal boy. Then Marc. Then the monkey Eric.

  34. Elvidge says:

    Okay why the fuck do you call him the monkey? I don’t see any resemblance… and he should be higher up on your list now that he is reproducing. He is blessing the world with more Staal children and you should be tickled pink about that.

  35. Elvidge says:

    By the way, who was the hockey player that told you all hockey players cheat? You have intrigued me…I now really want Spez to have an affair. I always wanted him to break Snell’s slutty little heart, but now that they’re married he can be a professional deal-breaker. I can totally convince him to do this. You’ll see.

    They went to Napa Valley for their honeymoon. In California. Yeah. I hear it’s freaking BOILING there in the summer, I dunno how they could handle all that hot sex they must have been having. Well, considering they only stayed 5 days, the sex must have left a little something to be desired.

    I bet he told himself on the first day, “Okay, I’m already bored out of my mind, but I’m gonna try and get through this whole thing without blowing my brains out. Or blowing her brains out. I don’t want to hurt her feelings too must before I cheat on her.” Yeah. But, after five excrutiatingly long days of forced sex (rape, if you will), he finally lost patience and flew on home. He just couldn’t handle the boredom…now he’s just sitting at home thinking of excuses for spending the night at some other lady’s house. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will, believe me…


    The fact the you think Heather is nice makes me gag. WHat's her last name? I want to google her. See, like is what I do when I'm jealous. I google my soul-mates' girlfriends/fiances/wives. Yeah. I did it with Snell, Vandenbroek (I really don't know how to spell that) and now I shall do it with Heather. Just give me her name and we're good to go.

    You know what I just realized? The closest word to Snell is spell. Ewwy. She's just too gross for words. I think she has more make-up than face.

  36. mizzmalkin says:

    He resembles a monkey. Simple as that. But yes, bless his little monkey soul for bringing more Staals into the world.

    Hm, that would be mister Jonathon Blum. He was drafted by Nashville last year and he has this super serious girlfriend Danielle, but even he cheats. Then he goes and tells ME everyone’s a player. Thanks, buddy. You just crushed my dreams of having a happy marriage with Le Swoon. Thank you.

    Ew, Spez is being raped. Someone save him.
    You know what would be too funny? If one day, Snell’s makeup feel off her face and Spez saw her and screamed like an actor in Saw IV and ran away. I bet she’s actually really ugly. Ha.


    Dysievick. Her last name is Dysievick. And she's like famous or something? Please don't attack her. She really is a sweetheart and accepts the fact that many people are in love with her boyfriend.

  37. elvidge says:

    K i really wanna meet all of these girlfriends of the pens and like have a full-on questioning and find out if they’re really all that. I wanna intimidate the hell out of them and see if they can handle the pressure.

  38. mizzmalkin says:

    that would be too funny.
    I would laugh for eternity.
    Do it.

  39. elvidge says:

    Okay, I’m not you, I can’t just open my cell phone and call up all the fucking famous people I want. I don’t have your CONNECTIONS… I don’t have a friend who’s just happens to be dating one of the best hockey players in the league. I don’t have a friend who just happens to be bffs with all of the young, hot, hockey players in the NHL, including their girlfriends. I don’t have a friend who can just give me the number of any fucking hockey player that I want. So no, I can’t just call up all the girlfriends and interrogate them until the crack. Maybe you can, but I can’t, because I’m not the luckiest son of a bitch in world. I don’t have the friend you have. You know which friend I have? I have a friend who can try and persuade HER friend to do all that shit for me. And she should, because it will make me happy, and happiness it key to good community. Imagine an unhappy Colby! GASP!!!!!!! THE HORROR! :O

    love Al (she said sweetly) โค

    P.S: Is it possible to have four husbands at once? Because all the Staal boys are just so fucking hot, I don't think I can make this kind of a descision. And even if I were to finally make my pick, I don't think I could live with just one of them. I don't think I could sleep at night knowing that the other three are missing out, all sad and lonely. Because that would just be mean. See, I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for them. If I pick one, three are sad. By if I get all four, everyone's happy! See how I make a good community?

    P.P.S: Colby's younger brother…Riley…? Is he hot? How old is he? Cuz I can't find any pictures of him…is he going to make the NHL? Because if he is, I need to know whether or not he and Colby are alike. Because if they share even a fraction of the same personality, I need to know if he's single. Enough said.

  40. bkblades says:

    Wow, a Sens fan, eh? I guess that makes us mortal enemies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. elvidge says:

    Notice how I’m commenting on the posts now? See, it just took me a little bit of time to grow, now I’m fully able the state my comments on where they’re supposed to be stated. Just like you said. I’m growing. And not only in that aspect. I don’t hate all the girlfriends anymore. Mel…yeah, she seems okay. She’s not blond, which is a big bonus. And she doesn’t have a fake tan, another bonus. Maybe she did to begin with, but she just felt really bad about Colby’s lack of skin colour that she decided it was for the best to not inject deadly cancerous chemicals into your body. Anyways, I do not hate her, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying I like her, I just think I can handle her being around for a little while. Notice the word “little”. I still believe all marriages before 30 end in failure. Look it up.

  42. elvidge says:

    Umkay…um, Columbus? Really? Why? Besides like…Antoine Vermette, Nikita Filatov, and uh…that’s it. Explain to me your passion for this hot playerless team.

    Also, I think Nikita Filatov has a fake tan. So does OV. Cuz really, where in Russia can you get THAT tanned? Nowhere, is the answer. At least Geno isn’t insicure about his looks. He knows he looks just fine without a fake tan. His paleness is hot. You know, I find myself attracted to that. Colby, Geno…yeah, I think that’s what draws me to them.

  43. mizzmalkin says:

    A really like how you’re commenting on posts. It makes me smile. You are growing. Growing in blog wiseness.

    And GOOD. There will be no tolerance for Mel hate on this blog. She’s too funny and nice and pretty and brunette for that.

    Columbus is filled with adorable little boys. The BJs ARE adorable. They Nikita, Vermette, Derick Brassard, Steve Mason, Rick Nash (on occasions) and many other un-heard-of hotties.
    You know nothing about my love for Columbus. Nothing.

    Yeah. I think pretty much all Russians have fake tans. Although, Nikita got super pale when he was sick a while back. Like, he was scary pale. We thought he was gonna die. And it’s not Nik’s fault he’s so hot and tan. Really, it’s a curse.

  44. elvidge says:

    Today was Jared Staal’s B-day. Just thought I’d let you know, because you seem to have forgotten to put up a montage of him. He’s 19 now, I need to see 19 pictures of him on his birthday. It’s a necessity in my life. Without it, I shall go into a deep depression. So, I’m just letting you know that if you don’t give our young little Staal brother a birthday photo montage by tomorrow, I just might go into depression. I’ve already skipped the first faze: denial. There’s no denial here; I’m fully on board with my depression. You’re the only one who can stop it. Without you, I die. Just thought I’d let you know.

  45. elvidge says:

    Hows that pageant coming along?????

  46. Al says:

    Something really wierd just happened. I was reading these comments that we’ve sent back and forth on your about page for so long, and I read that very last one that you wrote, on August 20th. 5:15 p.m. I was reading, smiling at time, bursting in uncontrollable fits of laughter at others. But then I read that one. I read what you said about Nikita. About his fake tan. About how pale he got when he was sick. About how you thought he was gonna die. And do you know what happened to me right then? A tear, a single tear, rolled down my cheek. I don’t understand. Please explain to me my mixed emotions here.

    I miss you! AL <33

  47. mizzmalkin says:

    It was damn scary, Elvidge. Nikita baby + dying = never gonna happen. Ever. He’s immortal to me. Just imagining Nikita sick and pale lying in his bed with his mother feeding borscht to him out of a straw is enough to make me want to cut myself.

  48. Free Movies says:

    Great work buddy, continue the good work.

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