This Made Me LOL

October 13, 2010

James Wisniewski, I miss you oh so much. Get out of the Island, nobody gets publicity over there. It’s like Uganda. Nothing. There.

Suspended two days for showing Sean Avery who he really is.

Welcoming Hockey Back Into My Life.

October 10, 2010

It’s been almost four months since I’ve posted anything on here.

But. I’m back now.

And guess who else is back?


If you don’t already know, Mr. Eberle scored one hell of a goal for his first NHL goal. Yeah. Best. First. Goal. Ever.

In light of that goal of the century, TSN asked a few players around the league (Including Sidney Crosby, girls) and some of his teammates about it. Resulting in fucking HILARIOUS results. Watch til the end if you want to see one of the most adorable things ever.

How fast can I get an Eberle jersey?


In other news, Mike Cammalleri is still a douchebag.

The Senators have lost their first two games of the season so far, only being able to score one goal in each game. Lack of offense, back defense, what else is new?

Sens still suck, Mike Cammalleri is still a fuck, and Jordan Eberle is still a fucking hero.

Welcome back, hockey. We’ve all missed you.

Happy Birthday, Burish.

January 6, 2010

27 years old. Today, Adam Burish, my favorite Blackhawk, turns 27 years old. So he’s getting 27 beers and pictures from me. Enjoy.


What Christmas Means To Me

December 28, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that this is the best music video I have seen in my entire life. Cut out the horrible singing and bad dance moves with the cheesy Christmas music in the back ground, and you’ve got one LOLtastic video. Best part? Jonathan Toews camo at 2:16. He raises his eyebrows and is all like “Oh yeah, this is my big break. I’m in Alyonka Larionov’s music video, betch.”

My question is, how did Alyonka and her sister actually manage to convince all these boys to hold up signs and smile for the camera? Like, really? Maybe they had nothing else better to do. Or, it’s quite possible that Alyonka and Diana promised to sleep with everyone that held up a sign. I would.

Oh, and Geno’s cat? Cutest thing ever. It’s funny, I never really took him as a cat person. Must be the entire Russian thing.

The Friendly Giant Throws A Pitch

August 18, 2009

Apparently, I missed this.
Sometime in late July, Buffalo Sabres defense and DeWinton native, Tyler Myers, threw the opening pitch at a Buffalo Bison game.
Yeah. He’s about 4 feet taller than everyone in that video.
God, I love Myrose.

Ovechkin Is A Dirty Boy

August 5, 2009

This explains the shit-eating grin he has on his face before every game.

71 Reasons I Love Evgeni Malkin (#2)

June 5, 2009

Even with his lack of English vocabulary, he can make me laugh until I cry. Not in a make-fun-of-your-accent-way, in a ‘BAHA you just ripped Max SO HARD in a language you barely speak’ way. 

That video = highlight of the year.

Evgeni, I love you for your sense of humor, and your sudden comfortableness in-front of the camera. Someday, you’ll perfect your English, and everyone’ll know how ridonculously hilarious you really are.