Guess Who’s Back …

August 29, 2009

I am now back safely in Ottawa, with normal food, and reliable internet connection. I know you missed me. A few things happened while I was away, including the Team Canada orientation camp featuring a few of my favorites.

Like Spez. Spez is definitely one of my favorites.

And Johnny. I like Johnny too. I really hope Toews makes the team, there’s something about him that just screams “I’ll win you a gold medal Canada!!”

You have no idea how glad I am that Drew made the try-outs. 

And take a look at my awesome, full of win, Maxime Talbot resembling Photoshop skills on the picture below. Sorry, Jared. Maybe next time when you’re pubescent enough to grow a beard.


Steve Mason for President.

And not to forget the boy with the beautiful smile. Flower.

But there’s also a few of my least favorites at the camp.

Like, per-say, Dany Heatley. He is definitely up there on the least favorites list. 


Oh wait — he’s the only one on that roster that I don’t like.

And then there’s all the good players that you just know are going to make the team. I don’t really need to mention them on here. I’m looking at you boys, Sid, Iggy, Stanley Cup Stealing Ducks, and BAMF goalies.

So, good luck to all, — except you, Dany, and make Canada proud this year.

Happy Belated, Baby JStaal.

August 23, 2009

The young, under-appreciated Staal bro turned 19 on Friday. This means that all of the boys are legal — in Canada. So, here’s a beer on me for your nineteenth birthday, Jared. Make it a good one. 


Special thanks to Elvidge for linking me to these two hilarious videos.



Just A Tip…

June 5, 2009

Just a tip, NEVER play a hockey drinking game against your cousin who can aparently withstand INTENSE amounts of alcohol.

My head, is pounding.

I have actually labeled a bottle of SKYY Vodka with ‘PLAYOFFS’ written on the side in Sharpie. 

It’s like the Staal Brothers Drinking Game all over again.

Mahjah headaches.

Wicked game, do it Pens!

What a game, what a win.
It was the effort we needed.
And we’ll do it again.

Judging Those Staals

June 4, 2009

So, before my ex-blog was so vulgarly and inhumanely deleted, my friend Alex, commented that I needed to talk more about the Staals. I agree. I love those Staal boys, to death.

As she quotes: 

Eric: The Extremely Good-Looking Elder
Jordan: The Hot Young Superstar
Mark: The Unknown and The Underappreciated
Jared: The Unfourtunate

Oh poor Jared.

“I think you should put a post about the staals up there somewhere. There are four of ‘em, i mean how cool is that? How often do you get four hot guys of the same blood all playing in the NHL at the same time? Not very often, I can tell you that.”

“… shine a bit more light on Mark and Jared. I mean seriously, when you say Staal, people think Eric or Jordan, not Mark, and obviously not Jared. He’s unfortunate.”

It is kind of unreal that their are three, and soon-to-be four, Staals in the league. I think they’re the only set of brothers that have passed two at the moment.

Ever notice how … adorable Jared is? Jordan WAS my favorite, but I think I’ve changed my mind. Plus, half of them have been arrested, which make them … endearing. Don’tcha think?