This Also Made Me LOL.

October 13, 2010

Mike Ribeiro was arrested for public drunkess.

Instant hero.








At least his mug shots better than PKane’s. And is it just me, or does this guy look like he’s been convicted more than once?

Oh, Let’s Throw Patrick Kane in There Too.

May 17, 2010

Been There.

February 1, 2010

People act as if they haven’t partied shirtless with a bunch of girls in a Limo while driving through the streets of Vancouver, but we all know they have. It seems like Patrick Kane, John Madden, and Kris Versteeg all got their share. But why are people beating them up about this? They’re young, rich, athletes, and shit happens when you’ve got tons of money, and a night off. Let them have their fun.

Dear Patrick Kane,

Brother, you coulda at least found some hotter broads to party with, you must have been really, really drunk to have withstood those … beautys?




August 29, 2009

Patrick Kane is one lucky bastard. That’s all.

74853445.jpg Patrick Kane image by sedins

He’s jail free. Team Patrick.

Okay. Everyone Take A Breath Of Air.

August 20, 2009

It was announced yesterday that they dropped the felony charges on the Patrick Kane case. This is good. If Patty had been charged with felony, he would’ve most definitely had to do jail time. Now he’s only got the misdemeanor on his hands which will go to a trial to decide Pkane’s fate. [photo]

Look at this picture. Does this look like the face of a guy who goes around punching old alcoholic men? I really don’t think so. If it wasn’t for the subcaptions  on the original photo, I would’ve thought Patty Cakes was one of the kids who the USA Men’s Hockey Team was playing against. He’s just a kid. Cut him some slack for the one mistake he made.

Is Today The Day?

August 19, 2009


Is today the day we find out Patrick Kane will be spending the next three years in jail? Or the day we find out he just has to do a bunch of community service and leaves the courtroom with a free pass? The district attorney in Buffalo says he expects a grand jury to announce charges today against Pat. Lets keep our fingers crossed that nothing too drastic comes out of this. Team Patrick.

Dear Patty,

No matter what comes out of today, in the end, I still love you and you still have fans who support you through every stupid move you make.



So, I’ve Been Talking About Patrick Kane A Lot Lately…

August 16, 2009

patpatAnd I’m sorry about it. But there’s just so much to talk about from my favorite Blackhawk and I normally don’t have the chance to in the regular season because I’m too busy beating up my Sens/praising the Pens.

You know what I honestly think is going to happen? Patrick Kane to Buffalo by the end of next season. Because, in all honestly, even if Patrick Kane is proven “innocent”, he’s still going to have a bad reputation about it all. And I’m sure the Hawks organization doesn’t want someone who represents their team to have such a bad rep. With having to resign Tazer and Dunc next season, I think it’ll be the perfect excuse for them to let Patrick go. And everyone knows that he’ll go to Buffalo at some point in his career. He was is the hometown hero.I don’t want this to happen, I think he’s a talented kid who made one mistake and needs time to learn from it and mature. Getting rid of Patrick Kane could be one of the worst mistakes Chicago could ever make. He’s a superstar, and you don’t let those slip away because of one mistake he made when he was wasted with family during the off-season.


August 16, 2009

Patrick Kane’s trial was today. And I’m currently sitting on my couch, writing this in an skeptical, jumpy mood. Every time TSN says Patrick Kane, I jump out of my seat. I’m antsy. I’m nervous. I’m goddamned worried. I know, however, that Partick Kane is going to walk away from this trial innocent. Let’s face it. We’re never going to know whether or not he actually did anything. That’s not information that he’s going to give away to the public. Sure, he can release all the statements that he wants saying that he’s done nothing wrong and that he was confused about why he was in this position in the first place, but we all know that maybe that’s not the full truth. He has a good lawyer, and his lawyer is going to do everything it takes to get people to believe that he’s innocent, whether its I don’t know, bribing JR’s lawyer into saying that the truth was stretched by the media, or stating that Kane was merely a witness in his cousin’s felony. Patrick Kane has money. And money buys you a good lawyer. And good lawyers can get you out of just about anything. But I’m still sitting here waiting in anticipation for any news, because anything can happen. Team Patrick.

Oh Patrick.

August 9, 2009

I know you know. Everyone knows by now. Everyone knows that Patrick Kane is the Chris Brown of the NHL, except he didn’t have a famous girlfriend to beat up, so he chose his Cabbie. Now most people are going to start calling him a cheap bastard, I wont. I love him all too much to do that. Yeah, he punched the guy, and it was wrong. Yeah, he took his money back, and that was wrong too. But he did all this because he was WASTED out of his mind. And yeah, you guessed it, that was wrong also. But it’s not like if he was sober he’d attack the guy over $1.20. I’m pretty sure he’s better than that. Just the day before he was talking about donating to building a rink in the Southern Buffalo area. That’s kindness there. Pat isn’t going to deserve half the slack he’s going to get for all this. He’s a hockey player. And getting wasted is what hockey players do. It’s what they’ve always been doing. So give the kid a break, he’s still learning. And there’s no possible way that the Cabbie could’ve been fully assaulted by someone who weighs like 90 pounds.

Dear Pkane,

I still love you.