What Happened?

January 28, 2010

Did someone slip some the Sens some of Mama Malkin’s borscht? Because how they’ve been playing lately has been mind-blowing. Wtf yo. It wasn’t so long ago when the Sens were out of a playoff spot, and I was ready to drink my way to the early off-season. Now things have turned around, and the Senators have won seven in a row, and things are starting to look a lot like they did back in ’07 when the Senators managed to make it all the was to the Stanley Cup Final. I’m still bitter about that. Let’s not get me started on the Ducks. Somehow, in the past seven games, the Senators have managed to beat some of the League’s best, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, and New York. The Senators are winning. And I am less likely to kill myself.

Tonight will be interesting. The fifth place Senators will be taking on the fourth place Penguins.

On TSN. That means Pierre McGuire. Ohmyfuck, I’m cracking out a bottle of tequila and playing the drinking game. Pierre cannot ruin this for me.

There will be blood.

Bring on the Semi’s.

January 1, 2010

That game last night? Canada USA? It was crazy. They were down 4-2, I went and put on my lucky Canada sweater that I got for Christmas, and the entire game turned around. I now know what I’m going to wear everyday until the gold medal game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a game like that. Dates way back to the Canada/Russia semi-final last year. Last minute heroics is what we do, and we did it. One thing that bothered me was that after Hamonic’s goal was disallowed, the Canadian fans at the game were throwing garbage on this ice. Please, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

Canada celebrates beating United States (Photo: The Canadian Press)

  • Pierre McGuire has some sort of obsession with dirty pond water.
  • Jordan Eberle and I are getting married this summer. The boy’s heroics have stolen my heart.
  • When time came around for the shootout, I was lacking so much oxygen from not breathing, I thought I was going to pass out and miss it.
  • Jake Allen sorta gimped out after he stopped Schroeders shot. He went to run to the bench and celebrate, but then decided that doing a huge belly flop and sliding half way down the ice would be more fun.
  • If the gold medal game is HALF as good as this one was, I’m never going to complain again in my life
  • My Jordan Eberle jersey is 4-0.
  • I was actually glad they disallowed the Hamonic goal. The shoot out was crazy.
  • Tyler Johnson and Jordan Eberle were named Player of the Game for each player’s respective team. I’ll be having a double wedding with these two, if that’s at all legal.
  • Let’s go CANADA!!!! Semi-Finals here we come!