A Little Something From PH

June 9, 2009

Finding this post on Puck Huffers made me realize why I fell in love with the Pens in the first place. Look at these guy, they might lose their Stanley Cup tomorrow, yet they look like that at practice.

Zoe will be here later with the real post of the day, as this post is just a picspam to make you feel more awesome about the day/series/season/world.
Just a collection from practice today.
Why should you be a sulking mess?
They aren’t.

This team is our life.
Win or lose.
That’s just how it is.

Go get ’em, boys.
Do what you love.

Back later with more.
Go Pens.

Just A Tip…

June 5, 2009

Just a tip, NEVER play a hockey drinking game against your cousin who can aparently withstand INTENSE amounts of alcohol.

My head, is pounding.

I have actually labeled a bottle of SKYY Vodka with ‘PLAYOFFS’ written on the side in Sharpie. 

It’s like the Staal Brothers Drinking Game all over again.

Mahjah headaches.

Wicked game, do it Pens!

What a game, what a win.
It was the effort we needed.
And we’ll do it again.

Stuff Like This Pisses Me Off

June 4, 2009

First of all, I think you should all know about my crazy obsession for Puck Huffers. They’re ridiculous. It’s awesome. So when people go around saying shit like this about them. It pisses me off. A lot. 

That, everyone, is an example of a depressed Red Wings fan who just realized he won’t be getting the cup this year. He know’s shit about hockey, and should really just go die in a hole and leave those lovely ladies crazy bitches over at PH alone.

They count the amount of Hint Of Lime Tostitos they eat and burn Red Wing merchandise on the Mellon steps. Yes, they’re that cool.