The King Is Back.

March 20, 2012

I will never stop calling him Sid the Kid. Ever.

Chicago Wins the Stanley Cup

June 10, 2010

My mind = blown.

Is This Real Life?

May 24, 2010

Chicago is going to the finals.

Oh my baby jesus.

What We Are.

May 12, 2010

We are a hockey team, made up of  players full of heart.

We are the soul of Pittsburgh.

We are the diamonds in the rough, that have finally managed to shine.

We are the team who never stops believing.

We are the team who makes miracles happen.

We are the better team.

We are the team with Sidney Crosby as their captain.

We are the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

We are the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And we won’t lose this game.

Johnny Be Good.

May 8, 2010

Luongo breakdown + Toews hattrick + Niemi being insane =


Hawks are up 3-1 headed back to Chicago, and things are looking good. After a small breakdown in Game 1 of the series, the Hawks have really been able to shutdown the Canucks. Luongo hasn’t been playing up t0 his status quo, and the rest of the ‘Nucks have been taking too many penalties unleashing the lethal Blackhawks power play. All of these chances and Dustin Byfuglien have lead the Hawks to a 3-1 series lead, and after the performance they pulled last night, things aren’t looking so bright for the Canucks. One more win, you’ve got this, men.

Go Hawks.


February 14, 2010

I am currently shaking and crying and screaming.

Because it has been approximately .. 3 and 1/2 minutes since Alexandre Bilodeau set history by winning Canada’s first gold medal on home turf.

He goes down in history today.

This is huge.

What Happened?

January 28, 2010

Did someone slip some the Sens some of Mama Malkin’s borscht? Because how they’ve been playing lately has been mind-blowing. Wtf yo. It wasn’t so long ago when the Sens were out of a playoff spot, and I was ready to drink my way to the early off-season. Now things have turned around, and the Senators have won seven in a row, and things are starting to look a lot like they did back in ’07 when the Senators managed to make it all the was to the Stanley Cup Final. I’m still bitter about that. Let’s not get me started on the Ducks. Somehow, in the past seven games, the Senators have managed to beat some of the League’s best, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, and New York. The Senators are winning. And I am less likely to kill myself.

Tonight will be interesting. The fifth place Senators will be taking on the fourth place Penguins.

On TSN. That means Pierre McGuire. Ohmyfuck, I’m cracking out a bottle of tequila and playing the drinking game. Pierre cannot ruin this for me.

There will be blood.

Bring It.

January 5, 2010

Everyone knows what’s going down tonight. The guys in my school fully decked out in jerseys and flags know what’s going down. I know what’s going down tonight, wearing my lucky Canada sweater I got for Christmas which is 5-0. Even the people who don’t follow hockey know what’s going down tonight. So grab your friends, you beer and your jersey. Bring your hope and faith and pride. Because, tonight, Canada’s going to make it 6 in a row. Not without a fight, but they’ll do it. We’re better. We have everything it takes to win this game. We may have just barely made it out of the last game vs the US alive, but we know what they’re like now, and we know what to expect. Don’t even try to tell me that we’re losing tonight. We’re not. That gold medal already has Team Canada’s name on it. We’re showing up to claim it. Canada USA. Tonight. Canada wins, tonight. USA sees a silver medal around their necks, and a gold one around Canada’s. Tonight, Jordan Eberle get’s another chance to be Mr. Canada again. Tonight, I have faith. Let’s do this.

And So It Begins.

December 28, 2009

The World Junior Championship kicked off on Boxing Day with a 16-0 blowout by Canada over the Latvians. It was worse than the Kazakhstan game I went to in Ottawa last year. I was one of only a few thousand people still standing up after the tenth goal. I love it. I think the reason I love watching Baby Canada obliterate smaller, unfortunate teams that no one knows their location is that I rarely get to see this on a daily basis with my team. The Ottawa Senators are shit. That’s why  I take so much pride in my Baby Canadians, cause I know they’ll win for me. Reliability.

  • Gabriel Bourque had seven points in the game against Latvia. He tied two other players for this record. Huge.
  • Taylor Hall madness has started. Oh, how I’m excited for this. Johnny Taylor Fever.
  • Jordan Eberle returns. Two goals the other night. He’s going on the back of my jersey.
  • Patrice Cormier gets the ‘C’.
  • Windsor Spitfires take over Canada. 3 Spits on the team.
  • Ryan Ellis is still boss. No surprise there.
  • Oh, and, that Jake Allen kid? I’m going to marry him.
  • Jared Cowan makes the cut. Represent.
  • The Other Schenn gets his crack at Gold. Maybe Luke will shut the fuck up one of these days and let Brayden have his moment.
  • OH, HUGE NEWS. BRANDON MCMILLIAN MADE THE TEAM. That’s right. Tyler Myers may not be on the team this year, but his best friend is.
  • Switzerland tonight. It’s already 2-0.
  • Oh look, Kadri just scored. WOOO. 3-0
  • lovelovelove.

Goodbye, Douchebag.

September 13, 2009

Dany Heatley, is gone. Finally.

Pop out the champagne, and celebrate.

This is the face of a man who has just realized that he is a total jackass, yet seems to think that he has done nothing wrong and that the Ottawa fans should still love him. Idiot.

This is the face of Ottawa fans everywhere.

homer_woohoo.jpg homer woohoo image by kaeli

Basically, we got rid of this:

And got this:

Dany, have fun in San Jose. Really, you’ll find a ton of prostitutes and get an awesome tan.

Meanwhile, all the good people in Ottawa will be freezing their asses of and thinking about how miserable it is without you, right?

SkatingontheRideauCanal.jpg image by elegantlywasted_2007

This is what Ottawa winters look like.

This is what San Jose winters look like.

Really, you’re fabulous, Dany.

I really can’t wait until the Sens play the Sharks and I get to see Chris Neil pound the living daylight out of him.

So here’s to four years of Dany Heatley. See you around Dany. It’s really ridiculous how much I’m not going to miss you.