Been There.

February 1, 2010

People act as if they haven’t partied shirtless with a bunch of girls in a Limo while driving through the streets of Vancouver, but we all know they have. It seems like Patrick Kane, John Madden, and Kris Versteeg all got their share. But why are people beating them up about this? They’re young, rich, athletes, and shit happens when you’ve got tons of money, and a night off. Let them have their fun.

Dear Patrick Kane,

Brother, you coulda at least found some hotter broads to party with, you must have been really, really drunk to have withstood those … beautys?



Called It.

December 21, 2009

Mike Fisher announced his enagement to country superstar and American Idol winner Carrie Underwod this morning.

Yeah. I called this a while ago.  This is gonna be huge.

Congratulations both of you!