How I Became A Female Hockey Fan.

May 19, 2010
How I became a female hockey fan isn’t some cliche story about how my dad got me into it a year ago when I didn’t really care before that. I’m not a recent hockey fan, not someone who judges the teams based on how cute the goalie is. No. I was born into the sport. From my the moment I was born, hockey became my life. I used to sit on my dads lap in our living room in Toronto and watch the games, because we couldn’t afford tickets to the ACC. From the early age of two, I could rehearse the players numbers and names, while always trying to make my dad frustrated by cheering for the opposite team. If he was cheering for Ottawa, I was cheering for Buffalo.

Since I was born, hockey has been my life. I skipped my Formal dance last year to watch the Penguins/Red Wings game. If my friends wanted to party with me on a Saturday night when there was an important game on, I’d cancel. I was 3 years old when my dad first laced up my skates. I could skate better than I could walk, and that’s when my parent’s knew that hockey would quickly become my world. I played in a girls house league for years, my life was at the skating rink.

Growing up, I always thought I should be a boy. I was the only girl on my team, and I knew the game better than anybody around me. The term “puck bunny” is like a dagger to my heart. That word gets thrown around at me all the time, by people who really don’t know anything about me. Yes, I have an appreciation for the God-sent hair of Kris LeTang. So what? I’m a fan of the game, not only the players. I’ve watched Latvia vs. Kazahkstan hockey games, and managed to stay glued to the screen.

I grew up around the game, all of my family members played. Everyday, in and out, hockey is a factor in my life. Whether it’s exhaustion from playing a triple overtime game, or the heart break of watching the Penguins lose in Game 7, hockey affects me. Hockey is at every rink I’ve ever played at. It’s in all of my friends’ basement’s on a Saturday night. Hockey is on the streets in the summer, on the frozen lakes in the winter. Hockey is something that has moved with me in every state of my life. Hockey is in my heart. So no, I didn’t technically “become” a female hockey fan, I was born one.

Maybe It’s The Way That The Stars Are Aligned.

May 12, 2010

While the Penguins may or may not advance to the next round, the Chicago Blackhawks will be.

Hawks > Nucks.

And that is all.

Go Pens & Hawks!


July 29, 2009

Top search of the day? Jason Spezza Douche. Thank you to all the people who searched this. You make my life. 

I was warming up Spaghetti today, when I suddenly had a fucking epitome. Spaghetti, Evgeni Malkin. Evgeni Malkin, Stanley Cup. Stanley Cup, Stanley Cup Champs DVD.

I completely forgot that I had boughten the Pens DVD the other day, and I still hadn’t watched it.

Yeah so, my critique on that? Fucking amazing. They had an entire 10 minutes devoted to Mama and Papa Malkin and the joy they bring to Evgeni and Pittsburgh. Max Talbot’s farewell words made me cry. Yeah. He was that pimp.

Oh, and just to let you know, Pimp is spelled M-A-X-T-A-L-B-O-T.

So is clutch.

God, I miss hockey.

Preseason, come faster.

Just A Tip…

June 5, 2009

Just a tip, NEVER play a hockey drinking game against your cousin who can aparently withstand INTENSE amounts of alcohol.

My head, is pounding.

I have actually labeled a bottle of SKYY Vodka with ‘PLAYOFFS’ written on the side in Sharpie. 

It’s like the Staal Brothers Drinking Game all over again.

Mahjah headaches.

Wicked game, do it Pens!

What a game, what a win.
It was the effort we needed.
And we’ll do it again.